Recent Greenpeace publications on trade affairs:

TiSA Factsheet November 2016 (pdf)

Analysis of the TiSA Annex on Transparency (pdf)

CETA Myth Buster (pdf)

Investor protection in CETA: Gold standard or missed oppotunity? (pdf)

Red light for CETA – A brief on the core problems of CETA’s Investor Court System (pdf)

TiSA: Another Secret Free Trade Agreement putting the Paris Agreement in a straight jacket (pdf)


Recent publications by other organisations on CETA:

Regulatory Cooperation under CETA: Implications for Environmental Policies (pdf)


Recent publications by other organisations on TiSA: – Comment on Data Protection

International Trade Union Confederation – TiSA: Bad News for Communities and Workers (pdf)

International Trade Union Confederation – All about TiSA (pdf)

Global Justice Now – Secret trade documents leaked – Global Justice Now response to #TiSAleaks (pdf)

Public Services International – After TTIP deal upended, leaks call TiSA into question (pdf)

BEUC The European Consumer Organisation – Negotiators must take trade in services deal palatable for consumers (pdf)

European Digital Rights (EDRi) – TiSA leaks set alarm bells ringing (pdf)

International Transport Workers’ Federation – ITF maritime sections’ assessment on the TISA Annex on Maritime Transport Services (pdf)

Third World Network – Localisation provisions analysis – preliminary update (pdf)


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